Online Casino Game Myths

Gambling is considered the oldest industry worldwide, with humanity enjoying the entertainment of betting for centuries. The way gambling is sustained changed multiple times throughout history, whereby most recently, there was a conversion from brick & mortar casinos to online casinos. That technology heightened with mobile devices’ inclusion, allowing bettors worldwide to access exciting casino games from their iOS and Android smartphones or tablets.

However, throughout the recent history of online betting, there’s been multiple myths that have made the rounds online. It’s these myths that scare some from considering this form of entertainment. We’re here to debunk those myths for our readers & ensure that online gambling is an exciting hobby for most.

  1. Internet gambling is illegal: The myth that internet gambling is unlawful stems depends on the player jurisdiction. For consumers in Malaysia, online betting is legal & regulated by government associated. It’s safe for anyone to experience.
  2. Casino Games are Rigged: Another myth created by worrisome bettors on losing streaks is that video slots & table games are rigged. That isn’t the case with online casinos, which employ a random number generator to ensure payouts are awarded aimlessly. It means all players have an equal opportunity at winning.
  3. Luck is needed to Win: Similar to the myth that casino games are rigged, there’s a myth that players need the luck to win. That’s falsified information, as the random number generator guarantees everyone an equal opportunity to trigger payouts. The average “Return-to-Player” or RTP for punters with online casinos doesn’t divert lower than 90%, with 93% to 98% being customarily witnessed.
  4. Betting strategies overcome the house: There’s a myth that by mastering multiple online gambling strategies, it’s possible to overcome the house. It’s a myth, as the casino will always have an advantage over the player. However, it’s possible to improve your odds at winning through these strategies & limits what’s possible for the house to accomplish.
  5. Practice makes perfect with online betting: This is another myth believed by professional bettors, that after years of online gambling, practice will make the ideal strategy. It’s impossible to anticipate what the random number generator will do in video slots or table games. The only instance of these changes is with live dealers, who can be fooled by strategies and practising professional bettors. These dealers typically have extensive training, meaning they’re not easily fooled.