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Since the early ’90s, online casinos have flourished throughout Malaysia, with thousands of people throughout Asia registering and playing their favourite style of casino game. One of the perks of playing online and one that attracts players to Empire777 is the availability of deposit and reward-based bonuses.

However, these are often awarded to new players, and while existing players regularly receive access to multiple promotions, the real benefits add up when they become VIP players. VIP programs are meant to reward elite players with other benefits as a thank you for their being loyal to the casino and their repeated business.


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Like any VIP program, this is accomplished using providing VIP players with a  variety of different promotional methods. These can range from VIP Bonuses, personal VIP assistants, faster withdrawals, special gifts, and so on and so on. Ultimately, the options for VIP rewards are endless, and the more you deposit, the better the selection of benefits you will receive.

However, this is only possible is you have registered as a player at Empire777 Casino, and of course, deposit there frequently and for an extended period of time. Yet, with so many regular promotional offers and the respectability that casinos such as Empire777 have earned over the years, registering and becoming a VIP player is a wise decision, especially if you love playing casino games online!

Of course, not all casinos are equal, and therefore, we have provided you with a list of licensed Asian and Malaysian friendly casinos. Each has been thoroughly tested to ensure they operate responsibly, are respectable, and offer a fantastic VIP program.

What is a VIP Program?

Any VIP program is offered through an online casino has a very specific purpose. That purpose is to reward customers who have proven over time to be loyal to the casino by depositing on a weekly basis. As we have mentioned, programs of this nature offer an abundance of special rewards, and depending on the level obtained within the program, these can become quite lucrative.

What is important to understand about VIP programs is most are designed with multiple tiers. These will often range from 4 to 6 levels, and each level will feature a unique selection of benefits. These can range from basic offers of free spins and deposit bonuses to birthday bonuses and faster processing of withdrawals. However, as you advanced within the program and are upgraded to higher levels, the perks can range from generous free cash bonuses to expensive electronic gadgets, and even all-express paid luxurious vacations.

The main difference for you as a player is whether a VIP program grants you automatic entry or whether you must deposit a certain amount over time in order to be granted entry into the VIP program. As you may have noticed, we have included a list of trusted Malaysian friendly online casinos, and naturally, each offers its own version of a VIP program. Therefore, before registering, be sure to evaluate the VIP program and see whether they offer you the greatest advantage.

VIP Bonuses and other benefits

There are a great range of benefits in becoming a VIP player online, and even more so if you receive this status as an Empire777 player. These benefits are reserved exclusively for members who have been accepted into the VIP program and are designed to reward them with multiple different bonuses for their loyalty.

If you become a regular player at Empire777 and achieve VIP status, you will immediately receive a VIP Welcome Bonus and become eligible for a variety of other perks. To explain this further, we have included a list of the benefits that come with being an Empire777 VIP player below. The good news is, the further you advance in the program, the greater and more valuable reward you will receive.

  • VIP Welcome Bonuses for each level achieved
  • Rebate bonuses ranging from 5% to 20%
  • Credit advantages for Diamond VIP’s only
  • Prioritized deposits and withdrawals
  • Increased deposit and withdrawal limits
  • Birthday bonuses
  • Invitations to special events

How to Become a VIP Player?

Becoming a VIP, or at a minimum, how you become a VIP player, varies depending on the casino and the casinos VIP program. In most cases, becoming a VIP involved a number of steps or achievements that must be met. Generally, this is based on the amount you deposit, the frequency you deposit, and the length of time you wager in the casino.

However, there are casinos that offer VIP programs whereby all members, regardless of their length of time playing at a casino or their deposits, are taken into consideration. As a rule, these programs tend not to offer players the same value in benefits as those that are achievement-based.

However, if you believe you deserve further consideration and entry into an achievement-based VIP program, you can contact the casinos’ support team and request to speak with a representative from their VIP program.

So, to summarize, we have provided you below with a list of the most common steps to earning VIP status with a Malaysian friendly online casino.

  • Frequency of deposits
  • Length of time you play in the casino
  • Amount you deposit
  • Frequency of withdrawals

 High Rollers

While most VIP programs are achievement-based, certain exceptions are made to those defined as high rollers. These are players who frequently deposit sums that range from MYR 4000 to MYR 8000 or more. Generally, casinos appreciate the value high rollers bring to their casinos and therefore are more likely to offer them immediately VIP status after only a handful of deposits.

By becoming a high roller or fitting the description of a high roller, you can skip the usual steps required for entry into most VIP programs. However, while this is advantageous, it is important to remember that to remain in the VIP program, high rollers will need to be consistent with their deposits at the casino; otherwise, they could lose their VIP status.

FAQ’s – Empire777 VIP program


Are there VIP Tournaments at Empire777 Casino?

Yes, Empire777 Casino manages competitions that are exclusive for members of the VIP Program.

  What is the maximum welcome bonus for VIP Players?

VIPs in the diamond tier can receive MYR327 as a maximum welcome bonus.

How much of a monthly rebate can I receive per month as a VIP?

The silver tier awards a 5% rebate, Gold tier a 10% rebate, Platinum tier is 15%, and Diamond is 20% at Empire77 Casino.

Does Empire777 Casino offer credit to VIP Players?

Yes, players in the diamond tier are the exclusive individuals permitted in receiving credit. A maximum of MYR10,000 can be awarded in credit.